Posters session (29/09)

Opening Session LWMOOCs (30/09)

Keynote: Travelling with Mooc’s: explore boundaries and increase knowledge (30/09)

Carla Padrel de Oliveira

The 4th Industrial Revolution: Challenges and Opportunities
Rocael Hernández Rizzardini

AI + IoT + LO = MOOC for SEN
Dennis Lee

MOOC for SEN: Current Status and Major Challenges faced by the Education Industry
Victor Wong

Session-1: Session I - MOOCs and Professional Development

Gender and human-centered approaches for designing technology
Carina S. González

How Can We Encourage More Girls to Become Engineers?
Andrea Lara

Online education promoting collaboration of diverse teams: From gender to geographical
Aruquia Peixoto

Session-2: Session II - Engineering Education and Personal Vision I

The Three Big Bets of MOOCs and What Comes After
Justin Reich
Part I
Part II

Adjusting the Parameters of Educational Models
Carlos Delgado Kloos

Creating Online Learning Communities During the Pandemic
Blanca Amigot Gonzalez

Session-3: Session III - Assessment and Open edX

Keynote: Achieving CSforALL through the Beauty and Joy of Computing (BJC) (01/10)

Dan Garcia

Macro MOOC Learning Analytics: Trends Across Global and Regional Providers
José A. Ruipérez-Valiente

The new normal for education
Anant Agarwal

Session-4: Session IV - Prototypes, Analytics and Scalability

The Tipping Point: Reaching Thousands of Learners in Africa through Coursera, WhatsApp, and Regional Partners
Kristin Palmer

The Keys to Making an Engaging Online Course
Barbara Oakley

Creating Inclusive Learning Environments
Rebecca Strachan

Session-5: Session V - 4th Industrial Revolution and co-VID experiences I

The 5th Wave/Tomorrow Age Theory as Solutions for the 4th Industrial Revolution
Hamid Doost Mohammadian

Smart Adaptive Remote and Online Lab Infrastructure Initiative: A Model of International Cooperation between Academia, Government, Non-Profit Organizations, Professional Societies and Industry
Maria M. Larrondo-Petri, Luis Felipe Zapata-Rivera

Helping to develop new open practices in times of pandemics
Edmundo Tovar

Session-6: Session VI - 4th Industrial Revolution and co-VID experiences II

Keynote: From MOOCs to Degrees and Back Again: The Georgia Tech OMSCS Program (02/10)

David Joyner

New Practical competences for Industry 4.0 in MOOCs
Manuel Castro

Can we escalate hands-on remote experimentation/labs to MOOCs?
Johann Marquez-Barja

Session 7 - New Media and OERs

The Second Year of the MOOC
Dhawal Shah

Utilizing MOOCs as a platform for teaching, learning, research and training
Jeffrey S. Cross

Session 8 - Engineering Education and Personal Vision II

Awards and Closing Session