Pictures of the LWMOOCS 2019 conference

Five leading final talks in LWMOOCS 2019 conference

ClassCentral > IEEE Learning with MOOCS VI: Meeting the People who Make the MOOCs

IEEE LWMOOCS 2020 Presentation, Antigua, Guatemala

IBLnews > LWMOOCS 2019 Keynote Speakers, Interviews & News

(Some Keynotes and Presentations, Anant Agarwal, Kristina Wilson/Bonnie Tomlin P1, P2, P3, Miguel Amigot II, Adena Schutzberg) >>>

(Some Interviews, Anant Agarwal, Dhawal Shah, Adena Schutzberg, David Joyner, Russ Meier, Carlos Delgado-Kloos) >>>

(News, Anant Agarwal - The New Face of MOOCs: Modular Credentials Stackable Into Degrees from Multiple Universities, Spanish - David Joyner - Faculty Buy-In Is By Far the Reason Why Georgia Tech’s OMSCS Has Worked So Well, Spanish)

IBLnews > The Learning with MOOCs Conference Honored Innovations in Online Education

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IEEE LWMOOCS 2019 Awards Presentation

IBLnews > The 2019 Learning with MOOCs Conference Unveils its Keynote Speakers

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Carlos Delgado-Kloos particpates in the LWMOOCS 2019

On Our Way to LWMOOCs in Milwaukee